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Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hitting Iceberg

Survival Facts: If you were a third class passenger, your chance of survival was 25 percent

First class passengers had a 62 percent survival rate. Second class passengers had a 41 percent survival rate. The crew had a 24 percent survival rate.

Fun Fact: What happened to the iceberg?

Bonus: Images of the Titanic wreck made by stitching together hundreds of optical and sonar images collected by robots via Scientific American Woods Whole Oceanographic Institute, and National Geographic.

Image: April 16, 1912 edition of the New York Times.


Golden Bell #12. Sure to cause more than a few headaches this week.


One of my golfing buddies was at The Masters on Monday and sent a few pictures…he should be an ex-buddy for not inviting me! #themasters #Augusta


Arnold Palmer becomes the first four-time Masters Champion in 1964.


How to become a movie star:

Step 1: Know that there is no movie star department in a directory.

Oh Michael… 

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This is how I felt this morning…

This is how I felt this morning…

Me and @itsape08 just straight up chillin